With Panama City Beach’s new focus on staying family friendly, many more families are choosing to take the trip down to some of the most gorgeous sugar sand beaches in the United States. We’ve put together 5 tips to help you plan a kid friendly vacation in Panama City Beach.

Plan for downtime

As adults, we have a certain ability to push through exhaustion and keep going, doing the next fun thing even when we’re tired. When you’re traveling with kids, however, this strategy tends to lead to real problems very quickly. Every parent knows that an overtired child rapidly becomes a melting down child, turning you into That Parent faster than you can say Chuck E. Cheese.

To make sure that your kids – and therefore, yourselves – have a relaxing and fun vacation, leave time between activities for food, water, and some decompression. What you do during that time will depend on your kids. They might want to run a few laps up and down the beach, or go back to your condo rental to play a game on a tablet or read a book.

Whatever will work, make sure to leave time for it. Your blood pressure will thank you.

Choose activities that will excite your kids

Do your kids love marine life? Plan to go snorkeling, or on a dolphin tour. Are your kids in love with the idea of flying? Book a parasailing trip. Do they love seeing weird or strange things? Check out the local attractions, like Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.

One way to keep your kids excited on vacation is to make sure that you’re not just doing “boring grown up stuff.” Some kids will happily play on the beach for days on end, but others need more to keep them excited and not just whining about being bored. By planning ahead to keep them engaged, you’ll make your own vacation more relaxing.

Bring extras, or be prepared to replace things if necessary

One rule of traveling with kids is to pack extra. Extra what, you might ask? Extra everything. Non parents wonder why “baby bags” are so big? This is why. Bring extra activities, extra snacks, extra water, an extra change of clothes. Extra sunscreen, extra sunglasses, extra hats. Of course, there are plenty of places in Panama City Beach where you can buy just about anything you’re likely to need, but it’s still a good idea (and less expensive, and less frustrating!) to plan ahead.

Stay somewhere comfortable

As an adult, you might appreciate the romance of “roughing it,” sleeping in dives or couch surfing with friends. Once you’re planning a kid friendly vacation to Panama City Beach, however, we don’t recommend this. Kids need a good night’s sleep even more than adults, and if you keep them from getting it, you’re back to instant meltdown territory. Making sure that you have a comfortable place to stay, sleep, and rest before heading out on your next adventure is the difference between an excellent vacation and one that leaves, well, almost everything to be desired.

Try something new

Although much of vacation is about recharging and rejuvenating, even for kids, when you’re planning a kid friendly vacation, it’s a great idea to also incorporate a couple of new activities. Maybe you want to go fishing and cook your catch on your own. Perhaps you want to take your child on their very first roller coaster. Maybe you want to take a sunset cruise along the Gulf Coast of Florida. Whatever you have in mind, there are companies in Panama City Beach that can help you make it a reality.

In Panama City Beach, there are so many different ways to keep you and your family happily enjoying their vacation. If you’re not sure what you want to do next, make sure to ask; as locals to the area, we can point you in the direction of whatever you want, from shopping to museums and everything in between. Get in touch today to book your kid-friendly vacation to Panama City Beach.

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