If you’ve been debating a trip to Panama City Beach this year, you’ve probably heard about all the work going in to making PCB more family friendly. We think this is great; at Pelican Walk, we work hard to make sure that everyone’s welcome and comfortable in our rental units. That’s why we’re so excited about the Panama City Beach concerts that are happening this year!

One of the biggest family friendly events coming up this spring is the Pepsi Spring Jam. From April 7th to 9th, Panama City Beach will be grooving to the exciting music of Chris Young, Thomas Rhett, and Rascal Flatts, along with plenty of other amazing musicians and artists. Visitors can choose to buy tickets for just one day, or for all three days. Tickets are on sale now, and prices will rise from their current rate as the event gets closer, so if you’re planning to attend, make your purchase now!

Panama City Beach became famous as a spring break destination, but now, we’ve found that tourism has increased year round. And why wouldn’t it? Between the gorgeous beaches with sugar white sand from Appalachian quarts, crushed and washed downstream, the chance of seeing dolphins along Florida’s Gulf Coast, and the opportunity to check out some of the best snorkeling along the eastern side of the United States, this is more than just a place for college kids to hang out.

As Dan Rowe, director of the Tourist Development Council (TDC) in the Bay has said,

Some of the legislative actions that [Bay County Officials] have taken and that the city has taken are truly to ensure that everyone who comes here has a good time. The college kids are going to come, but the legislative changes you’ve made have ensured that it’s going to be safe for everybody; it’s going to be great for everybody, and we’re going to tell that story.

The changes that are going to be in place this season include the ability to check IDs for those consuming alcohol on the beach, giving law enforcement the ability to shut down “nuisance parties,” both suggestions that the board hopes will cut down on underage drinking and make sure that noise settles down at a reasonable time.

At Pelican Walk, we offer many different amenities that families and visitors who are looking for a more sedate vacation enjoy. From our indoor racquetball court to our free WiFi and cable access, we make sure that you enjoy every day of your vacation. If you’re here to enjoy the beach, we suggest that you take advantage of the Umbrella and Chair service offered by our partners, as well as the many exciting watersports you can enjoy down on the beach itself.

Coming to Panama City Beach is an experience that you’ll love. We want to make sure that every moment of it is fantastic. Pepsi Spring Jam is just the first of the concerts at Panama City Beach that will be spicing up our summer; stay tuned to find out more as events are announced!

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