When you’re planning out your dream Florida vacation, what do you think about? Sun and fun and splashing in the surf? The Panama City Beach, Florida hotel amenities that will make you feel comfortable far from home? The gorgeous photos and videos you’ll share on social media that will make everyone jealous they couldn’t be there with you?

At Pelican Walk Rentals, we know that while the activities you enjoy during your vacation may be the part of your stay that gets the most press online and with your friends, making sure you have a comfortable and relaxing place to stay is a crucial part of an enjoyable vacation. That’s why we work so hard to make sure that you have all the amenities you need at your Florida oceanside condo rental.

When you want to stay in a gorgeous condo where you can gaze out at the sugar white sand and emerald green waters of the Gulf of Mexico, there’s nowhere better than Pelican Walk. But we also know that you (probably!) didn’t come to Panama City Beach just for the swimming and splashing in the surf. We also offer a variety of amenities that will keep you comfortable for your entire stay.

First of all, every single unit has a gorgeous view of the ocean. In too many resorts, you have to have the most expensive suite in order to even see the water; not here. You’ll have a balcony and a gorgeous view, even if you’re choosing our single bedroom condo.

Next, not everyone enjoys the saltwater experience, especially if you’re visiting in the winter, when the water is still warm, but not as warm as it could be. We have a gorgeous swimming pool, which we heat seasonally, and an indoor hot tub. Whatever the weather is outside, you can enjoy a refreshing swim.

Panama City Beach is packed with amazing restaurants, and some of the best seafood available on Florida’s Gulf Coast, but you may prefer to do your own cooking, either to entertain friends, or to cook the catch you picked up deep sea fishing at one of our wonderful partner companies. Each of our condo units has a fully equipped kitchen.

Did you need to bring work with you, or are you looking to upload all your pictures without needing to pay outrageous data fees? Pelican Walk Rentals offers free WiFi to all of our guests as part of our standard Florida hotel amenities. We understand that unplugging is part of your holiday, but no one wants to be entirely disconnected.

And if you are visiting during Florida’s rainier season, we have plenty to keep you and your guests entertained without venturing outside into the weather. From shuffleboard and tennis courts to a game room with a pool table and an indoor racquetball court, there’s lots to do. You can even curl up in your room and enjoy our included Cable TV with free HBO!

Whatever you have in mind for your Florida vacation, make sure you choose a hotel with top shelf amenities. A great condo rental can fade into the background, becoming just part of the backdrop for your stay, but a lousy rental is a nightmare. Don’t wreck your vacation; keep it top notch by choosing the best location. Contact us today with questions, or reach out by phone to book your stay!

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